We provide a full dispensing service. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and professionalism of our dispensing provision. We continually aim to provide this service promptly and in the most cost effective manner possible providing the best outcome for our customers. The government schemes under which we dispense include:
• GMS - Medical Card
• Drugs Payment Scheme
• Dental Prescriptions
• High Tech Scheme
• Long Term Illness Scheme

We also dispense medications privately of course. If you would like to streamline the delivery of your medications please feel free to leave your prescription on file at the pharmacy. If you phone before you intend to collect the prescription it will be ready when you call minimising the time you have to wait You can download the following application forms here:




Blister Packing
For patients who take multiple medications or who may find their dosage regimens complicated we are more than willing to assist by providing a complimentary blister packing service. Blister packing involves placing patients medications in trays with designated compartments for each day of the week as well as in divided doses for each day. By using this system you can be sure you are taking the right medication at the right time and can be confident you are taking your medications appropriately and as intended by your doctor. Feel free to discuss having your medications arranged in the blister pack system at any time.




Minor Ailments
From common coughs and colds to baby care and multivitamins our team are available to discuss any healthcare concern you may have at a time that suits you. Common ailments which can be treated with over the counter remedies include: Coughs and Colds Digestive Upset Aches and Pains Allergies and Hay Fever. Minor Eye and Ear complaints. Our staff are all highly trained in recommending the best treatment for the symptoms you describe and are fully cognisant of when your symptoms will require further evaluation by the doctor.




Veterinary Medicines
We provide a wide selection of Veterinary medicines for Sheep, Cattle and Companion Animals:

Worm Treatments
Fluke and Worm Treatments
Mineral Supplements -Drench, Bolus
Fly and external parasite control DIPS etc